Lorie Ofir

Artist Lorie Ofir lives and works in Miami, Florida. Her work explores the interconnections between human nature and the nature around us through expansive landscape paintings that fuse the elsewhere with an object that is intimately experienced daily- our beds. These internal landscapes defy horizon lines but imitate the flow of an ocean, the weight or lightness of clouds, the slow steadiness of sand dunes, the peaks of mountains, and serve as the backdrop for life’s stages- conception, birth, sleep, and death. Lorie pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Florida and Florence University of the Arts. She participated in artist residencies across the country in Colorado, New York, and locally at The Deering Estate. She has also exhibited in the U.S. and abroad including shows at the Jewish Museum of Florida, Harn Museum of Art, Florence University of the Arts, Design Center of the Americas, and galleries in Miami, New York, and Colorado.

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