Lizzy Love

Lizzy Love is an artist based in Nashvilled, TN. She creates figurative works on canvas with Acrylic paint and with paper watercolor and gouuache. The body of work available via Salon NLB has been a rebirth for her creatively. While she has been painting full time for the last 5 years, I feel like I've really come into myself creatively with my figurative paintings. Born out of a time of uncertainty and lots of questioning, she was pushed to dig deep and get back to basics. She decided to switch gears from painting the landscapes, for which I had been primarily making for years. As an effort to get my creative spark back, she started sketching figures from magazines, a subject she hadn’t explored in a long time. Over many months they slowly evolved into what they have become; starting from detailed and realistic, to more abstract and modernist. Love is a big believer that the environment of your home shapes your attitude, and for that reason she loves interior design. That love is what led her to start incorporating furniture / interior surroundings / and patterns into the pieces. She pulls apart and puts back together the lines and shapes of many of her favorite interiors, and places them amongst the figures in a dynamic way. These ladies embody many things - community, respect, femininity, reverence. They are a way to draw attention to what being a woman entails. Many times it means being fierce and strong. Many times it means leaning on and drawing your strength from friends that are like family. While creating each piece, she draws upon the love and reverence she has for all the women in her life; the women who have shaped her, lifted her up when she needed it, laughed with her and inspired her.

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