Kerry Hays

Kerry Hays, works predominantly in acrylic and graphite. She employs ritual variations in tonality and texture as she explores the relational coherence of shape. Hays’ work navigates the boundaries of discretion through careful, responsive action. In a varying palette of luminous, cloth-like layers, her paintings alternate between intuitive fluidity and clearly delineated form in a tactile investigation into rhythm and unity. Fascinated with how shapes can function in relation to a new or foreign boundary, Hays creates a language in geometric overlapping. The dynamism of hard-edged forms are purposefully subdued and subtracted from to create a transparency where values meet. Hays intuits the space where the viscerality of these shimmering color fields should become bound by the exacting rationality of precise forms. The moment in which these velvety tonalities become a conversation, is one created through careful deliberation in a distinct and swiftly executed line. Kerry Hays holds a B.A from the University of Georgia. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions throughout the Southeastern U.S.

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