Emily Anne Farrell

Emily Anne Farrell is an emerging artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. A self- taught artist, she commenced her artistic practice at age 3 when she could hold a paintbrush but it wasn’t until 2016 that she decided to pursue her dream of being a professional artist and opened her own studio. That year was crucial for Farrell’s artistic trajectory when as a self-proclaimed “professional introvert” she decided to push her personal boundaries and share her art with the public via social media. These events resulted in an overwhelming response and demand for her art from the public, and it was at this point that she knew she had to commit herself to art full time. Farrell grew up surrounded by creative, strong and independent women, which is a fundamental influence and inspiration for her in both her personal life and her career as a female artist. Her abstract compositions are inspired by different color relationships that she encounters in her daily surroundings; odd shapes, lines, and negative space. Utilizing acrylic with gouache, and soft oil pastel, she searches to find balance and harmony, and creates beautiful abstractions with gestural and expressive strokes. Farrell achieves her artistic calling through spatial intervention of positive emotions through her paintings, thus creating a unique experience for the viewers.

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